2013 Family Pic

2013 Family Pic

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Sweet Suite

Well, it's baseball season again, and it's time to head out to the ballpark to watch our local team, the Angels, dominate the AL West. I really like the Angels, except for when they play my beloved Indians.

For the past two seasons, my company has had the exclusive "dugout suite", or as my friends call it, the SWEET suite. It's as close to the action as you can get without a uniform and some pine tar. Sadly, this season we moved upstairs to a more "pedestrian" suite, which is still pretty darned great.

Over the past two years, I've taken a handful of video clips at the game with my old digital camera. Keep in mind that I couldn't zoom while filming, and the video quality is really low. I had hoped to shoot some better quality stuff this season with my new camera, but alas, we moved to the lower-rent district.

The Angels were really great to work with, and we have dibs on the dugout suite for next season. Let's hope my company hits a home run this year!

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