2013 Family Pic

2013 Family Pic

Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy Birthdays!

Today is my birthday. It also happens to be my sister's birthday. No, we're not twins. She was born on my 6th birthday [evidently I told my mom I'd have preferred a truck].

Some people think having to share a birthday is a drag because they only get half of the spotlight. Quite to the contrary, I always felt that made me special, and that in a family of five children, that my sister was special to ME. Indeed she is, but not in the "special olympics" sense.

So today we celebrate our birthdays. We live far apart so we will have to make do with a phone call. She always identifies herself as "your sister" which is specific because she is the only girl, but it still strikes me funny.

This morning, I asked if Grace had anything to say to her Aunt Marci:

Happy Birthday Marci!


your brother


Anonymous said...

To be completely accurate, what you really wanted was specifically a GARBAGE truck. Hope you're over your disappointment. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!

I've never see a sweet virgo guy like you~ (and I still can't believe it!! haha j/k)

say hi to Melissa, Gracie, and little Lukie!