2013 Family Pic

2013 Family Pic

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Luke's Art

Posted by PicasaI've previously posted some photos of Grace's art, but now's the time to share some example of Luke's work. Luke won't turn 4 until August, so bearing that in mind, I think he does quite a good job.

This piece is a portrait of Mommy. I thought it was quite detailed. I also was impressed & entertained that he draws hands the same way Grace does. I don't recall drawing hands that same way, nor do I recall seeing kids doing that when Chickee was teaching, but Grace & Luke both do.

The second images are from the Father's Day card Lukey made for me at school. When his teacher asked him "where's his face?" Luke matter-of-factly replied, "he's looking the other way."

Well duh.

The inside of the card contains Luke's answers to the questions about me. Pretty insightful.

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Jeffrey Friedl said...

Wow, detailed indeed! He's about at my current level. Amazing.